Leading-Edge Tech: The Dental West Difference

We offer high-tech dentistry in NYC. While personalized care and a gentle approach are the foundations of what we do at Dental West, your care with us is also enabled by dentistry’s best and newest technology. Digital x-rays, advanced cone-beam CT, and laser technology help us deliver a truly minimally invasive dental experience.

Digital X-Rays

A digital x-ray is a faster, higher-resolution, and safer alternative to its predecessor, the film x-ray. This technology offers our patients the following benefits:

  • 75–90% less radiation exposure than film x-rays
  • immediate images, less time waiting in the chair
  • high-quality images that allow us to see things we couldn’t with film x-rays and address issues earlier
  • reduced resource consumption: no chemicals or film
  • easily transportable: no big orange envelope, just a quick file transfer
  • reliable archives: less likely to become lost or damaged in storage

What our patients love the most about digital x-rays is the immediacy, safety, and improved quality of treatment we can provide thanks to this technology.

CBCT: Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

The CT scan is a well-established medical imaging procedure used to capture detailed cross-sectional images of patients’ bones and soft tissue. Using a building as a metaphor, if x-rays show us the scaffolding, then CT scans show us the scaffolding, studs, sheet rock, and fixtures.  

A CBCT scan employs the same advanced technology in a focused, cone-shaped beam so that your exposure to the x-rays is reduced to a small area. This smaller, focused application also makes CT technology, previously not practical for dental offices, available to dentists. The ability to capture not only teeth but their surrounding structures empowers us to care for your mouth in a more complete way.

Laser Dentistry

Our PerioLase MVP-7 Nd:YAG laser represents the best and latest tech in dentistry. Dental West’s team uses the PerioLase in routine dental cleanings in order to thoroughly disinfect our patients’ mouths and prevent or treat gum disease.

What is Laser Dentistry Used For?

The PerioLase’s wide range of settings can treat an impressive variety of dental and other concerns, including:

  • gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis
  • peri-implantitis (failing implant)
  • canker and cold sores
  • migraines and chronic headaches
  • exposed root surface sensitivity
  • tongue and lip ties (frenectomy)

In general, the laser treatments for the above issues are far superior to previously available treatments. They tend to come with less discomfort and down time, as well as faster and more definitive treatment.

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At Dental West NYC, we’re proud to offer compassionate, human-to-human and minimally invasive dental care with the aid of dentistry’s best science and technology. Make an appointment today to see how you can benefit from leading-edge dentistry.

Leora Walter


Leora Walter

September 9, 2022

Dr. Leora Walter is a surgically trained prosthodontist and an elite dentists, with an expertise in cosmetic procedures at Dental West NYC on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.



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