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What to Expect at Dental West

Dental West on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is founded on the premise that patients should keep their “original equipment”: their own teeth! We are a minimally invasive dental practice that focuses on prevention as the way to help you achieve that goal. We take hygiene seriously and make sure that you leave not only with clean teeth but with healthy gum tissue as well. We use a laser to disinfect your gum pockets of bacteria, leaving your mouth even healthier than with a traditional cleaning.

Cutting Edge Laser Dentistry

LPD (laser pocket disinfection) is revolutionary for dentistry. You may also hear this procedure called Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) or Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPT). LPD is a laser procedure that kills gum-disease-causing bacteria more completely than manual instruments could ever do.

Laser pocket disinfection penetrates to the bottom of the sulcus (space between the gum and tooth), neutralizing bacteria for the next 11 and a half weeks. The traditional cleanings that you’ve had before cannot reach the bacteria that sits beyond 3mm in the sulcus. As such, the bacteria is never completely eliminated. This revolutionary laser procedure goes even beyond what a deep cleaning can do.

Hear From Our Happy Patients!

5 rating stars

Stephanie F.

"Dental West has fabulous people and offers amazing care. Dr. Moncrieff has been my dentist since I came to NYC and I'm so fortunate to have found him. He taught me how to take care of my gums and improved my health. They are all great people. From the receptionist to the hygienists, to the dentists. People travel from all over the country to come to this practice. I'm lucky it's in my back yard :) I recommend this practice to everyone."

5 rating stars


"I have had excellent experiences at West Dental NYC. Both Dr. Moncrieff and Dr. Walter are knowledgeable, professional and pleasant and are always available for dental emergencies. I can honestly say that I had my most thorough cleaning done by Kara. The office is run efficiently, the support staff is very competent and all safety precautions are taken. I have utmost confidence in this practice and am so glad to have found them.."

5 rating stars

Rachelle N.

"An all-around great experience! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel like family. I knew that I was in good hands when Dr. Walter took the time to figure out where my tooth sensitivity was coming from. She then used her laser technology to fix my issue painlessly and quickly would I highly recommend Dr. Walter to anyone!!!"


What Our Patients Say

“My whole family sees and loves Dr. Moncrieff. He is a wonderful and knowledgeable dentist and a caring person, and unlike some dentists never recommends excessive or unnecessary interventions. I would recommend him to anyone! ”

“Dr. Walter is a wonderful doctor in that she brings both the professional excellence of a seasoned and gifted doctor and a warm and caring bedside manner. I suffer severe medical anxiety, and Dr. Walter was able to ease my panic and gain my trust and respect. I am most grateful.”

In as serious a setting as a dental office…Perhaps bantering with the dentists & staff members of Dental West is beside the point (too much fun?). However, I feel I must add the general conviviality as being coupled with the tight efficiency with which everyone goes about their duties.
Those attending to me directly are immediately forthcoming in explaining the procedures completely. This gives total reassurance..one relaxes gratefully.

Reception is equally welcoming, the wait time negligible and best of all…time in ‘the ‘chair’ is relatively brief.

I heartily recommend the transition of the premises to the staff of “Dental West”.
James Steele Bourdaghs



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