Dr. Leora Walter

Preventive, Restorative & Laser Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Leora Walter is a surgically trained prosthodontist at Dental West on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. She is one of a handful of elite dentists highly trained in both restorative and cosmetic procedures as well as in surgical implant dentistry. The additional fellowships that Dr. Walter completed helped her hone her practice philosophy of minimally invasive and preventive dentistry using the most advanced technologically.


Dr. Reginald Moncrieff

General Dentist

Dr. Moncrieff, a general dentist in NYC, has had a career spanning over 40 years, combining private practice with public service. He founded the current dental practice in 1980 and renamed it Dental West to honor his new collaboration with Dr. Walter. It is thanks to Dr. Moncrieff’s holistic and patient centered mindset that we have been able to provide a culture of excellent dental care for the past four decades.

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Dr. Noelia Richardson

Cosmetic and General Dentist

Dr. Noelia Richardson is a cosmetic and general dentist at Dental West NYC. Born in the Dominican Republic, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY and her doctoral degree from New York University College of Dentistry. She completed a one year residency program at Woodhull Medical Center where she was one of Dr. Walter’s most skilled residents. After working in private practice for a few years, she was asked to join the staff of Woodhull Medical Center as a Clinical Attending to guide the next generation of dentists. Her attention to detail and focus on preventive care make her a valued member of the Dental West team.



Head Dental Assistant

Ewa has been with our practice since 1998, just one year after she emigrated from Poland, where she was a dentist (lekarz stomatolog in Polish). Ewa knows our patients like family after nearly 25 years of working with them, and she goes to the ends of the Earth to take great care of them. Always a straight-shooter, Ewa is counted upon for unconditional truth. Her wit and know-how make her delightful and indispensable. And, her attention to detail means supplies are impeccably organized and the office is spotless.

Ewa loves Dental West for its quiet, calm environment. She feels a sense of home and family with her co-workers, a team that regularly loves to spend time together outside of work, celebrating birthdays and providing support to one another. And, because Ewa is such a passionate patient advocate, she enjoys working with dentists who truly have the patients’ best outcomes at heart.

In Ewa’s spare time, she enjoys sports, ballroom dancing (especially salsa), gardening, and designing and making her own clothes.

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Dental Hygienist

Kara worked as a Dental Assistant for four years before taking the next step and training to become a Registered Dental Hygienist. Upon her graduation, she came to work with us and has received a deep sense of fulfillment helping even the most nervous patients feel at ease in our office. Kara’s calming presence cannot be overstated. Her soothing voice and calm demeanor put everyone at ease. Beyond these natural gifts, Kara makes it her personal mission to help everyone understand their treatment so there are no unknowns or surprises.

Kara sees patient education as the most important aspect of her work as a hygienist: “It’s amazing how many people haven’t been given the education to properly clean their teeth. You just show them something, and it can change a lot…” Like Ewa, Kara deeply appreciates her work family and Dental West’s patient-first approach.

In her spare time, Kara loves to travel and ride motorcycles. Her top bucket-list item is to travel across Europe on a motorcycle tour, hitting France, Spain, and Italy. She is low-key and relaxed, enjoying time with friends, gaming, and baking (especially tarts!). She has been married to her husband Igor since 2013.

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Front Desk Manager

Born in New Jersey and raised in Queens, Tenesha has always had a huge heart and a deep love for helping others. Tenesha studied International Affairs at George Mason University in Washington D.C., then lived throughout the country before returning to New York to pursue a dental administrative slash modeling career. She has graced runways and the printed page but it’s her love of helping others that led her to dentistry.

As the Dental West front desk manager, Tenesha is able to brighten the day of each patient who walks through our doors. Tenesha’s secret weapon is her laugh, making each patient feel welcome and at ease from the moment they arrive. Coupled with her administrative expertise, Tenesha is a superpower in the front office.

In Tenesha’s free time, she enjoys writing, cooking, mentoring, and giving back to the community as much as possible.



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