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At Dental West NYC, we take a holistic approach to oral wellness, caring for the health of our patients’ entire mouths and surrounding anatomy. That’s why we carefully examine your jaw, head, and neck during your exams. It’s why we treat TMJ and migraines. And, that’s why we want you to think of us when you get a canker or cold sore too. Many sufferers of mouth sores are under the impression that there’s no treatment once an outbreak begins, that they just have to wait it out. But Dental West offers effective cold sore and canker sore treatment in NYC.

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How We Get Rid of Cold Sores and Canker Sores Fast

Our PerioLase laser dentistry device features a photobiomodulation (PBM) setting designed to target ulcers like canker and cold sores specifically. Briefly, PBM is a type of laser light therapy that disrupts the oxidative stress process and restores a healthy cellular process, which promotes rapid healing. This light-based treatment for cold sores and canker sores has been shown in clinical research studies to accelerate healing of the current outbreak and reduce the duration of recurrences.

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If you have a mouth sore or ulcer, give us a call today. We can quickly work you in for a laser treatment at our Upper West Side office. Don’t wait it out and suffer; we can help you get rid of your canker sore or cold sore fast!

Leora Walter


Leora Walter

September 16, 2022

Dr. Leora Walter is a surgically trained prosthodontist and an elite dentists, with an expertise in cosmetic procedures at Dental West NYC on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.



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